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Capture data for your Research Study


Collect prospective research data at the bedside or in the field! SherlockMD will free you from your computer.



Say it with a Sticker.

iaming, imlate, urb slang, caretos

and fwords.




omnummy connects chefs and bakers with people through the love of homemade food.




The vision of a country, the scenes, the environment and its culture seen by the eyes of selected photographers is the main subject of Portugalby,


kanjipic | draw

Each kanji represents an idea,

and the best way to memorize it is visualizing an image associated with it, in Kanjipic for each kanji there is an illustration that will help you remember it.


qr lovecode

QR lovecodes is an

iPhone app that allows you to send beautifully illustrated LOVE cards with custom QR Codes which reveal a hidden message from the sender


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Record audio in 3 easy steps

in one single screen.

1. Record something.

2. Trim and adjust the volume.

3. Rename it.



One touch application, keeps your trusted friends a single touch away when you most need them. Help is always with you.



A classic game with a new twist to your iPhone and iPod Touch. In this digital and accelerometer based game you control 3, 6

or 9 spheres a time.



Nicola is an iOS app

that allows you to send e-cards with custom messages.


oasis by nuno sá

Azores - An oasis of life in the immense blue desert for a large number of marine species crossing the atlantic.



Contoplanet is a storytale application turning each story into an emotional, intuitive, nice experience.


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