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each storytale is an emotional and intuitive experience


Contoplanet is a storytale application turning each story into an emotional, intuitive,

nice experience. Each storytale is translated into three languagues and narrated by professional storytellers. In order to explore each story in different ways, tactile areas, sound effects and animation have been added with multiple choices, making each reading a different

and special experience.

ContoPlanet for iOS wins one Laus silver award in the 41st edition

of the Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communications Awards organized by the ADG-FAD



You can read them, listen

in three languages and record your

own voice to share with

the whole family.


Each page has tactile areas,

playing sounds and movements.

move by tilting the device, using

the accelerometer


In every storytale

you can select the text language and combine it with a different

narration language

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