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a country seen

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The vision of a country, the scenes, the environment and its culture seen by the eyes of selected photographers is the main subject of Portugalby, with selected information to improve your Portugal experience, here you could find a small and cozy place or a luxury Hotel where you can expect a unique experience.

Duncan Holley

I live in Southampton in the UK

with my wife and two teenage children.

I have been interested in photography

all my life but 3 years ago discovered the joys

of toy photography with plastic film cameras

and also polaroid cameras with which

i also make transfers.

Fernando Guerra

Fernando Guerra and Sérgio Guerra

founded studio FG+SG. They have been

responsible in large part for disseminating

contemporary Portuguese architecture over

he last 10 years. Their work is regularly

featured in a variety of publications at both

the national and international level.

Luís Afonso

Luis loves vast empty spaces and

pure silence. He’s also keen on warm colors.

The Portuguese land is his playground of

choice, mainly when there is water around.

He received awards for his landscape work

and has been published in magazines

and newspapers.

Joel Santos

Joel Santos is a passionate professional

photographer, Editor in Chief of the

Portuguese bestselling photo magazine

and a book author. His images and writings

are frequently published by international

magazines and he has won several

photography awards.

Luís Louro

I’m a illustrator/comic artist

and a freelancer nature photographer.

I have about 25 comic books publish and one

photography book, “Safari” about Africa.

I’m now working on a new project about

rainforests of Central and

south America

Luís Quinta

Luis Quinta was born in Lisbon, 1965.

he began wandering underwater in Sesimbra

and in 1988 he took his first underwater

photos. Since then, he has dived all over the

country, from the remote Ilhas Selvagens,

in the Archipelago of Madeira, to the distant

Ilha do Corvo, in the Azores.

Nuno Sá

Born in 1977, Nuno Sá lives

in the Azores where he works as a nature

photographer specialized in wildlife

photography of marine subjects. He is the

author of six books and contributor to several

National and International magazines,

including National Geographic Portugal.

Paulo Alegria

I live and work in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

As an independent artist i spent the last years

in a constant exploration of photography

as an artistic expression.

My approach attempts to document the

actual balance between the modern life and

the most traditional portuguese culture.

Raquel Porto

Raquel Porto lives in Lisbon, where

she works as a designer and a photographer.

Since 2006, she runs her own graphic design

studio +2 designers. This set of pictures,

was originally published in UP,

the TAP in-flight magazine, with art direction

by +2 designers.

Rui Palha

Photography is a very important part

of my space... it is to discover, it is

to capture giving flow to what the heart feels

and sees in a certain moment, it is being in

the street, trying, knowing, learning

and, essentially, practicing the freedom of

being, of living, of thinking...

selected spots to improve

your experience

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