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You are not alone any more. resQ, a one touch application, keeps your trusted friends a single touch away when you most need them. resQ communicate photos as well as other relevant information such as gps location to your contacts and alert them when help is needed.

All with just one press of a button. With resQ quick and easy setup-help is always with you.


"Wonderful app. Everyone should be able to instantly call for help"





"It is a great application that turns your iPhone

into your 24X7 security device you carry with you everywhere you go. It not only captures the scene and information but alerts your contact about the danger, so help can be dispatched right away to the exact location where you are.

All done with single press of the button. Imagine how important a role this can play if you should

encounter trouble by mischance!"





"Download now and don't get to a situation where you regret not installing it.

Easy installation and clear value to the user."





"You set up the resQ application on your iPhone so that it will email your contacts photos and location

of  your current surroundings, if you hit the panic button.

Download resQ today and give you and your family some piece of mind.

And I hope none of you ever get to use the app."




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